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Are you stressed out, depleted and need a little TLC?

Are you working through some life challenges and need some extra support?

Are you feeling like something's out-of-whack but you can't quite put your finger on it?


  Feeling "off" whether in our body, our emotions, or our spirit, feels lousy!  And often times, we tell ourselves "That's just how it is." and we make it normal.  That's what I did! I spent a long time feeling out-of-sorts and just lived with it.  It wasn't until I was turned on to Reiki and other forms of hands-on healing, that I realized that I could feel better. I have been working as an energy medicine practitioner  and Reiki Master Teacher for the past 15 years. Understanding how powerful energy healing can be in helping us to come back into balance,  I love using it to help my clients and students be the best versions of themselves.

 My treatments will help you: 


Release stuck energy so you have more vitality

Become grounded and aligned so you can feel more centered in your body and in your life

Deeply relax so you can quiet your mind and hear your inner guidance


Balancing Rocks

For the past five years Jill has made a tremendous difference in my life and has had a huge impact on my wellbeing and mindset. Through reiki/energy healing and chakra balancing she has helped me to navigate what life throws my way. Jill continually equips me to handle any difficult situation providing clarity and easing the stress to handle circumstances which would otherwise feel out of my control. Through her healing sessions I have benefited greatly feeling more grounded, relaxed, confident, serene and aligned. Jill’s gift of healing continually provides me with the tools to conquer any challenging situation and has improved my perspective immensely and for this I am extremely grateful.

- Emily


Grounded & Relaxed

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